Why cheapen your hotel with instant coffee in rooms?

Even some of the best hotels have fallen victim to poor quality sachets of instant coffee. Perhaps though, many hotels don’t realise there’s an alternative that is not only convenient but doesn’t leave a mess and reflects the values of a quality hotel? Well, there is! And they are called Lyons Coffee Bags. Lyons Coffee Bags look and work much like a teabag but come in individually sealed sachets to keep the real roast and ground coffee fresh. Our Lyons Coffee Bags have been available at major supermarkets for many years, but we're now making them available to purchase in bulk boxes of 150 sachets. 

You will not be alone in making this change. Take the award-winning Hoxton Hotel in central London; they’ve been using Lyons Coffee Bags for years and wouldn’t dream of offering their guests instant coffee. So, if you’d like to offer your guests coffee in their rooms in a way that reflects what your hotel stands for, then Lyons Coffee Bags are the answer.