A great breakfast needs great coffee

A great breakfast needs great coffee

For consumers, the quality of their morning coffee is fast becoming as important as the quality of their breakfast. 


of all coffee is consumed at breakfast, with 9/10 coffee drinkers enjoying a cup first thing.


of consumers cite convenience as the most important factor when it comes to choosing breakfast items. 


of consumers are now consuming breakfast out of home or on the go. 


Coffee has become an integral part of consumers’ morning routines and consumers have become savvy when it comes to great quality coffee. Quality expectations for coffee are a lasting legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic. The closure of coffee shops and inevitable rise of in-home coffee experiences means that consumers are more demanding than ever when it comes to quality and taste in coffee – and they’ll actively seek it out when visiting out of home venues.


Did you know?


of consumers choose to pay more for quality over cheaper, reduced quality meals. 

It’s vital to consider offering a quality coffee that complements your breakfast menu and keep guests visiting again and again.


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