Frequently Asked Questions

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  What is the shelf life of your products

  What is unique about your coffees?

  Where is your coffee available?

  Can I stock UCC Coffee?

  Is your coffee available outside of the UK?

  Where do your coffees come from?

  Is your coffee 100% arabica?

  What is the strength guide?

  What is the strength guide?

  Are you going to launch any new blends or products?

  Do your coffees mix well with milk alternatives?

  How long do you recommend steeping the coffee bags in water?

  How many grams of coffee is in each coffee bag?

  Do you have a decaf coffee?

  What sustainability initiatives do you have in place?

  What is Terracycle?

  How do I recycle your packaging?

  What is Rainforest Alliance?

  What kind of bioplastics are you using and have they been tested for their effects on human health?

  Do you test your coffee for pesticide residues and heavy metal contamination?

  Will you be bringing out an organic range?

  Is your coffee fairtrade?

  How do I cancel my order?

  How long will it take for my order to arrive?

  Who will deliver my order?

  Where do you deliver to?

  What are your delivery costs?

  How is my data used?

  What payments do you accept?

  I haven't recieved an email from you

  Who do I contact if I have a complaint?

  How do I return a product?

  Can I have some free samples?

  Can I make a charity request?