Cherry and Cranberry Flaxseed Bites

Quick & Easy Gluten Free Vegan Friendly Dairy Free

The cherry fruity flavours in the bites are an ideal match for the citrus, fruitynotes of the Mexican coffee. Black coffee is ideal for this dairy free snack that can even be made vegan if honey is substituted.

Cherry and Cranberry Flaxseed Bites

112g Flaxseeds

120g Almond butter

113g Honey

80g Almond milk

½ tsp Almond extract

150g Dried cherries

15g Pumpkin seeds


Step 1

Warm the milk to 40oC.

Step 2

Add the flaxseed, almond butter, honey, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and almond extract.

Step 3

Bake at 160oC for approx. 15 minutes.

Step 4

Leave to cool before storing.